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By websupport on October 26, 2009 at 9:28 am under Ask Miriam Questions
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Hi Miriam,

A couple of years ago, I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast AM. I was really impressed by your dedication to “truth” and the bravery that you showed sharing your experiences!

This morning I watched your interview on Camelot and again was really touched by your “realness” and honesty.

Thank you for all that you do, I know it has been a long road for you, I kind of feel the same way at times! We probably are following the same sort of spiritual path at some level.

Wanted to follow up with you regarding the Lakotah tribe. Last month I was in a session with my Master Guides and they told me that I had a past lifetime with this tribe, and that we lived in Rosebud Nebraska, and that we had made a decision as a tribe to change form to help Mother Earth, as a collective entity. (Honestly, I don’t really understand how that happened, but I am going with it, nonetheless!) I really feel a strong connection to this tribe.

So I wanted to ask you, how did you get in contact with these indigenous tribes? Did you drive to the reservation and someone just started talking to you? I thought about writing someone a letter in the Lakotah Tribe to ask them if they have any stories in their history that might correlate with this memory and what I could do to help their causes, but I wasn’t sure who to contact. Any ideas on this one?

Glad you are doing well Miriam after your car accident and thanks so much for all that you do.


Miriam’s reply: Thank you Jennifer. Firstly regarding the car accident I still in recovery and having some real problems with my left knee and my neck. I am praying that it will all resolve but my knee for some reason is getting worse. It was hit very hard so the doctors are now going to do some tests on it. If you remain positive and listen to your body you can give it what it needs to heal. PLUS the mental work with mediation and positive thinking.
Now how to meet a tribe. I can not tell you what path to take to meet anyone and tribes are not always open to outsiders. If you have a deep passion in our soul for the Lakotah then maybe go an find out what information they have on the internet and their website. Maybe you can be of assistance to them in some way that they are looking for. Really all I suggest is not to push your self onto them as this would be disrespectful.
Also, my ties to the indigenous are not in the way that many may think. Yes I know people from certain tribes but that does not mean I go and do ceremony with them. I KNOW who they are and understand WHO they are in a way that is beyond words. Doing ceremony with these tribes is not the most important part of the interrelationship……supporting them and following the advice they give us is.

We connect with these tribes in our hearts and they know and can often feel the world differently and so….when we support them in thier causes we support life…the seen and the unseen.
Not sure if this helps. Love miriam

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