The Intentions of The Great Gathering

By Miriam on December 3, 2009 at 10:18 pm under Important
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All great change comes from the people.
All great change requires a voice.
All great change requires a choice.

The goal of The Great Gathering is to use our voices to create a movement, choice, change and education within communities and societies around the world.

The Great Gathering is focused on the following list—but by no means is this everything. We chose these topics and areas of concern to demonstrate that we must find solutions that fit together to create a world we can leave to our children and grandchildren.

1)Indigenous people—They were the original caretakers of Earth. A respect and support of
them in the following areas should be an integral part of the setting of intentions and the finding of solutions.

2) The environment—Developing solutions for pollution, toxic waste, landfills, pesticide use, deforestation, etc.

3) Food supply—Open access to heirloom seeds of all varieties should be standard practice rather
than the current standard: being constrained by genetically modified seed use, pesticides, and limited food crops. We will look at food production to feed and nourish the world, including traditional farming and organic crops, as well as the right to own seeds.

4) Energy—Examining current levels of energy supply and resources and their availability in the
future. We want to see more focus on the development and promotion of new energy supplies to be available to all people.

5) Impoverished areas of the world—Looking for global solutions for all humanity. The knowledge and technology to prevent wide-spread poverty and suffering is available.

6) Humanitarian rights and free speech—Regardless of race, religion, gender, age, belief or other distinction, free speech around the globe – for freedom of the soul.

7) Home and building development—Exploring new ways to build and heat homes that are realistic in a growing world population.

8) Animal protection—We need to protect our planet’s animals from human development and poisonous dumping and spraying. The animals of our earth need us to be responsible or millions of species will not survive.

9) Education—All children deserve to learn reading, writing and math skills. Furthermore, there should be widespread education for the purpose of assisting the changes in the world we wish to see.

10) Health rights—Every human being on Earth should have access to health care—not only from the world of medicine, but also from the traditional and natural remedies of the world.

11) Maintaining natural resources—How to live in harmony with nature and the earth, including new ways of creating and delivering products.

12)Protection of ecosystems, small and large—Looking to protect the oceans, wetlands, deserts, and all ecosystems for the benefit of the planet and for generations to come.

13) Alternatives to our monetary systems– Looking at alternatives to our current monetary system and finding a simpler solution to trade and exchange of goods and services.

There are so many things that could be added to this list.

The fact is that all over Earth people are working for change in all these areas and more.
The fact is that until we realize that every one of these concerns are CONNECTED, we will not overcome the problems.

Together we can create true change. Separated we struggle.
Our collective intention will make change happen.

Miriam Delicado
The Great Gathering

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