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By godaddy on April 16, 2009 at 4:01 pm under Ask Miriam Questions, Sustainable Living Tips
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Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of any help in any way I could receive to start a subsistence ranch I know the place I need to go but I was born into a poor family and have been fighting for what little i have I have no money to buy the land my credit is poor but my drive is very strong and my heart is right. I want very badly to have a place where people can come and work with me and help others I’m wary about asking for donations because so many people have so little as it is and I feel like most people would just see it as greed. I am stumped I’m not a greedy person far from it I hate money and what it does to people. But the issue is I need some now and have no idea how to get it. Time is short otherwise I’d just save up the money. Any help at all would be appreciated, thank you.


Miriam’s reply: remember that no matter what you HAVE to own….. if you are meant to be safe and live on the land then that is where you will be. Your spirit will keep you safe from any and all harm if there was danger. Don’T panic. The real path is to open up your heart and allow your spirit room to remember who you are. Love Miriam

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