By godaddy on May 29, 2009 at 2:56 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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hello Miriam!

again i watched your interview with Kerry and Bill and it brought me here to check your site for updates.  i have a couple questions…

on the page for your book, you have 3 pictures. is there a special significance to them?

on the subject of “the gathering”, if you will, of those like yourself, can you provide any further information?  in the interview you said you hoped it would be soon.  do you have any firmer thoughts on that?

is there an internet portal where those such as yourself – and i guess i’d define you as a light worker – meet, such as a forum?

what are feelings on the patriot movement?  and i guess i should clarify the word ‘patriot’ as i use it since it has been spun by the media to mean “terrorist” more or less:  i see these folks, of which i consider myself to be one, as constitutionalists; supporters of Ron Paul in many cases; those who want smaller government; non-violent.  i ask because you operate on a vastly different level in my opinion – a level that i think is much more important than fighting for our civil liberties even.  i wonder if the patriot movement is really expending its energy in the right direction.  i run a website that takes several hours each day to update (news, politics, etc.) and i keep thinking about people such as yourself, Jessica, Borishka and several others, and i think i’d like to change direction a bit and work more toward solutions and more on a personal level.

you expressed concern about the worlds seeds and what is happening to them.  i assume part of that is has to do with Monsanto, Codex, genetic engineering, etc.,but is there more you’d like to say on this?

Miriam’s reply:

Hello there! I only have time to get into this a small amount as there are many questions and I am extremely busy.

The pictures on my book page are from the areas I talk about where some of my experiences took place.

There is LIGHTWORKERS website where many people gather and you can find them online.  Anyone can join from what I understand.

The Gathering, or the Great Gathering has begun. people have been building networks around the world for many years already and now the physical gatherings are getting bigger and bigger. Eventually it will be global. When this happens we will then recognize as one people that it time to change our path!

Seeds are one of THE most important issues on the planet today. We must stand together and ALL save seeds. If we don’t then the big companies will then take OUR right to food away. Plant a garden with heritage seeds and collect them to regrow the following year. This small act CAN change our world. Everyone has the right to food and that right is slowly being taken from us. Education is one of he keys to stop this destruction of our biodiversity and natural balance.

The only path to a new more balanced world is through peaceful means. Education is a very important aspect to opening the eyes of people but as I have learned, it is all in the delivery as to WHO you reach. Then the way the information shared has the ability to open hearts or really tick them off. You need to balance the information you share. That is the key!   

Love Miriam

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