Norway: Blue Spiral in the night sky

By godaddy on December 13, 2009 at 8:02 pm under Ask Miriam Questions, Feature
Norway: Blue Spiral in the night sky
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Hey Miriam, I hope you are doing fine!

My question is about this amazing blue spiral sighting seen in Norway on December 9th by many people even as far away as 1000 km!

Maybe some already asked you about this..

I understand some are saying it is a failed missile launch by the Russians.. But seriously if you look at all the footage, it seems Out of this world! Others say it is a portal, a black hole, a Ufo…

Here is a short youtube video that shows clear footage.

I was just curious to hear your view on this :) Thanks!


Miriam’s reply: SOOOOO many people have asked about this. I feel from just viewing it from a galnce the first time that it was a hole that was created for the purpose of travel. I do not think that it was a missile as was what was said after this took place.

A missile could not create this kind of an energy that would then create the perfect spiral effect that took place in the sky.

What exatly it was I am unsure of. If I meditate on it and get an answer I will let you all know.

What I do feel is that we will see this again. Love Miraim

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