My safety at risk at the Hopi Cultural Center

By Miriam on April 14, 2012 at 2:18 pm under Feature
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Greetings everyone! Just a quick note to say that I have arrived in Hopi finally. Had an angel pay for three nights at the Cultural Center here in Hopi until I get settled in a home… which will be happening starting tomorrow. While at the Cultural Center a man came to my door at 3:00am !! Woke from a deep sleep and was startled not really awake. Looked and saw him several feet back from the door and thought it was someone else…. not really awake yet. Thought it was just early in the morning at first. I opened the door and realized that he was NOT anyone I knew and slammed the door closed.

He left and then came back! No idea who he was or what he was doing. When I went to tell them at the desk here at the Cultural Center they are telling me that it is not any of their concern and that they are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SAFETY! They would not even give me a number for security, Hopi Police…. anything…. just told me that it was not their concern!

So, I found out that this guy… whoever he is has been doing this for about a YEAR here at the Hopi Cultural Center.

After telling them 3 times that I was in the room and giving them my name and information, they keep telling me that I am not even registered here!

If you want to stay safe in Hopi….. dont stay at the Cultural Center. Stay closer to Tuba City at the Moenkopi Inn. !!

PLEASE EMAIL THEM AT : ask them POLITELY: Please keep your patrons safe….. and not be rude to them when they are put in danger.

PLEASE also add where in the world you are emailing from!

I have to go and may not have internet for a while.


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