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By godaddy on February 11, 2010 at 7:15 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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Hi Miriam,

I came across two separate statements and wanted to know your thoughts on whether they have any correlation to one another?  I heard 15% muted as being the percentage of the overall population are immune from mind control technologies.  I wondered if that had any bearing on types of blood group?  In that many believe the ‘o’ type blood is not from this planet!

With that in mind do you think there is a link between the two and if so what?

Your thoughts are extremely welcome.


Miriam’s reply: I know that part of the population IS immune to mine control. If that has something to do with the type of blood is good question but one that I am not sure of. I would think it may have something to do with the flow of energy in the body and so it is plausible. Love Miriam

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