Laughlin Nevada: UFO Congress Conferencce Feb

By Miriam on May 21, 2009 at 9:24 pm under Miriam's Blog
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hello to everyone!

In this post I wanted to share just a small part of my experiences at the UFO Congress conference this year.

Wow…what along time since I had time to write to all of you here. I am very sorry that I was not able to write sooner. Traveling makes it really difficult to get anything done that involves the Internet when your on the road. Often i would have to drive for 20 minutes and sit outside a store and hope that the computer will pick up the Internet for a short time.

So as some of you may know my first stop in the USA was in Laughlin Nevada at the UFO Congress convention back in February. From the moment I arrived it was an amazing event seeing many new faces as well as old friends. An old friend whom I met at the FIRST UFO congress in Tuscon Arizona in 1991 came out to give me a hand while I mingled with all the people and tried to talk with as many people as possible. my friend Ford was like an angel for me and he was a real trooper assisting me the whole time! It is amazing how much he gave of himself to give me a helping hand. I must admit that I STILL don’t have the pictures from the Conference on my computer to be able to send him or others the pictures from the event.

The event this year was exciting and filled me with joy to have the opportunity to speak to the people that attended and was a real honor for me. I knew after my first conference in 1991 that one day i would be back when the time was right and spirit led me to speak and tell my story.

As I walked out on stage and saw that the room appeared to be filled with people. The day had arrived….. it was like I was asked to Carnegie Hall or something. This event brings in some of the best speakers from around the world and is very well organized. The information being brought to the public is often the latest information from researchers. I was accepted into this well respected group of people and this was a day for ALL the people that have had experiences to have joy and celebrate. WE have been waiting to speak for a long time, many much longer than me and by the UFO Congress asking me to present and share my experience and knowledge it was a small step forward for all of us. While on that stage I could FEEL the energy of all the people out there that are waiting to be able to speak freely about our experiences.

The time went by quickly and before I knew it my time had come to an end. SO mush more to share, so many questions from the people left unanswered. I could have spent hours talking with everyone but….that would have to wait until another moment.

As I walked off the stage to go and sign some books I found myself in a very positive energy space. Many of the people that came to speak to me were so open in their hearts that when I gave them a hug I truly felt that heart being open with me.

I met so many amazing people as I always have at this event that every last moment of my time in Laughlin at the UFO Congress conference was speak talking, hugging, laughing, sharing with people.

Another aspect of the conference that I was really happy to see was how many people were networking this year. Yes, people always make new contacts but this year everyone was asking HOW could they help one another. It was refreshing to finally see this breakthrough. The time is NOW and people know it! WE all feel that our time to make a change is upon us and that we have to walk together now or we are not going to get through the next stage of this life.

For ALL of you out there that have had experiences I hope that my presentation represented you well.

I love you all and thank everyone who is working towards bringing the earth back into balance with the life of humanity. Thank you again for all you do……


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