Indian Chiefs and ET’s

By godaddy on June 23, 2010 at 11:29 pm under Your Alien Contacts
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As a small child I had a really STRONG knowing that I had been a Native American. This was back in the 50’s when the only TV programs seemed to be Cowboys and Indians.  My brother was always for the Cowboys and I was for the Indians. I was a girl who at the age of about 10 wanted to build a totem pole instead of playing the normal girl games.

Then at age 62 I started having a spiritual awakening.  A LOT has happened in the past year. 

My friend channels Chief Joseph and the first time I heard her do this there was a familiarity in the rhythm of her voice.  I felt a familiarity.  I had no idea who Chief Joseph was so I looked him up on the internet the next day and when I saw his picture I just knew that I had known him and somehow the past life I’d know I’d had as an Indian had been with him. (Turns out I’ve been with him more than once)

The next time she channeled him I asked him and this is when he said that I had been “wife of his son” and that I had 2 sons — one died of a fever as a result of illness brought by the white man and the other was killed in a stampede”   I had also lost my husband in the 1877 battle of Bear Paw Mountain.

This is where my user name of Kayanaka comes from.  I do not know if it is spelled right – but that was my name at that time.  It is supposed to mean “Spring Flower”

Talk about a Gathering — If you search “Chief Joseph family” you will find a picture where he is sitting with a woman to his right and to his left.  The young woman in the back with the braids was me.  Each and every one of those in the picture has reincarnated and we are now together or know of each other and how to reach each other.

I have been learning Eagle Medicine and other Native American way during the past year. I hear native songs and it’s like I know them.  I go to a ceremony and I know it.

This past Monday (June 21st) we had a pipe ceremony and over 40 attended to pray for Mother Earth.  It was so awesome and moving.

I too have been taken “On Board”.  I do not however remember any conversations but I know I was there and I know what I saw.  Just 3 nights before this happened I had this dream where I was told that I MUST REMEMBER TWO THINGS.    “Christos” and “73022”

I know what “Christos” is – but the 73022 had me stumped.  Turns out it was the number on the ship that I was taken to.

Our Intergalactic friends are all around us and will soon make themselves known.  The more love we share and the more light we shine will speed the process.

I am so excited to have found this wonderful Web Site where information is being shared about all of this.

I want to thank Miriam for all she is doing for us and shame on anyone who does not realize this. 

I think we should all read her book – and buy the book from her where she will profit from it and not some big old corporation.  I am going to order mine this payday and cannot wait to read it.



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