I Know What I Saw : Movie Review : History Channel

By Miriam on October 5, 2009 at 5:40 pm under Movie Reviews
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Last night on the History Channel the new film by James Fox and Tim Coleman was aired. The name of this movie was: “I Know What I Saw”

What an exciting time we are living in. It seems that the truth is getting to mainstream media and slowly we are making progress towards disclosure.
With the first film “Out of the Blue,” James Fox made a breakthrough film that opened the door for Larry King Live to talk openly and seriously about this phenomenon on national television.
I for one as an individual who has had direct contact with these beings THANKS him with all my heart! We, meaning this community, needs more of this kind of work being done to assist the change we need in this world.
Just the last year alone I have met several documentary film makers that are doing some extraordinary work that is well rounded and grounded. The flashy style of looking into this phenomenon I hope is over as it was never a benefit to anyone.
One step at a time we are creating awareness to that fact that we are not alone. I have seen the beings that were on one of these alien craft and I know that it changed my entire life. People like me are looking forward to the day when people will not ridicule us and listen to our stories of contact and the messages we were given by these extraordinary beings.

Peace is possible through the hearts of human beings……. we are all connected here and beyond.
Love Miriam

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