Hurricane East Coast and New York

By Miriam on August 26, 2011 at 5:54 pm under Miriam's Blog
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The storm headed to the east coast was foreseen by some of the people around me. They did not know the location but warned me that water was coming to a major populated area.

In saying this, it is to ask you all to support your friends and neighbors. Remember that working with a team of people is much better than working alone. Check on the elderly you know to ensure they are taken care of both before and after this event.

On the planet today these disasters are all part of life and HOW we move through them is the key to success for our future.

Water on hand, canned food, lighters, medical kit, warm clothes, waterproof clothes, emergency phone numbers with you. Have a plan for you and your family to stay in contact after the storm.

I will be praying for all of you on the east coast as I also have many friends who are also there as well.

This will be a big disaster so stay calm and if you dont need help right after the storm then HELP those that do. HELP with the clean up and repairs as well.
Much love to you all,

Seems this link is not working now. I will leave this here in case it begins to work again. May have too many hits on the site at the moment.

Click here to read on mandatory evacuations.

Click here for the path of the Hurricane.

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