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May 17th 2010 on Spirit Quest Radio myself and Helen Neda talked about the current struggle that is taking place in Hopi with the Traditional Leaders. This conversation was candid and very to the point regarding what is at this moment is a threat to the Traditional Hopi way of life. There is a split among the people that is so severe that the Hopi tradition and ways are now being decided. We as like minded people must now come together in all forms and ways to bring a halt to these type of actions by those who choose to destroy earth, its people and life itself. There are many respectful ways to show support for Sacred People. Slowly, step by step we will begin to share how you too can get involved and why this is important to YOU.

It has been said that “the Hopi are a microcosm of the world” and that “however the Hopi society goes, so does the rest of our global society”. These phrases are correct in my view, because the Universe is a hologram and each part contains the whole:

“To understand visually how the universe is truly a hologram, a math professor at Yale University developed a formula that is plugged into a computer program. Named after him, the Mandelbrot Set shows a seemingly disorganized pattern. But no matter how far you zoom into the design, you will always find the same pattern within the whole pattern. Each fractal, when broken down infinitely, will always reflect the whole. When one fractal changes its pattern, the sum total of the whole pattern changes along with it.”
-From “Estoteric Agenda”, Part 13, at about 9:21 Mins.

What is true for the Hopi is true for the the rest of us — as we change internally the world around us changes — but the difference is that the traditional Hopi have been focused on their inner connection to the Universe and living in balance and harmony with nature for their whole lives and for many-many generations. The immediate significance of changes in Hopi is therefore greater. The Hopi are a bellweather for the rest of us.

I believe we will be hearing from Miriam about events in Hopi in upcoming episodes on The Great Gathering Radio, so stay tuned. My impression is that she may be on next Monday, May 24, 2010 ( a good opportunity to call in or log into the chat room and ask her any questions you may have).

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