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The Day Before Disclosure

Miriam Delicado is featured in this award winning film which shows many viewpoints on the UFO phenomenon.
The two times award-winning documentary “The Day Before Disclosure”, by Norwegian based producer Terje Toftenes and New Paradigm Films.  This 1 hrs 45 min. feature film on the UFO-subject is presenting the basic facts on the global UFO situation today, together with latest revelations from rt. military personnel, astronauts, fighter pilots and frontier UFO-researchers; What is actually going on behind the curtains concerning the ET-presence. It is also discussing the question: “If official disclosure occurs tomorrow, how would this affect our society?”   The film was released autumn 2010 and gained an immediate world-wide response.

The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race

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The extraterrestrial presence on Earth is widening and, as we enter the Aquarian Age, will be admitted officially, causing shock and an urgent universal need to understand the social and technological changes derived from our space brothers. A primer for the explosive advances humanity will experience scientifically and spiritually in the coming years, The Secret History of Extraterrestrials explores the ET phenomenon and its influence on humanity past and present.

The Art of Close Encounters


The release of Kim Carlsberg’s first book, “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” nearly 2 decades ago, was a milestone in contact literature. This powerful story was accompanied by artistic representations of her experiences, all of which had a profound effect on many readers with similar experiences. Over the intervening years hundreds of these readers contacted Kim with their own accounts of contact. The outcome of that correspondence is The Art of Close Encounters, a 350 page, fine art, full color, hard bound, coffee table book w/ jacket, compiling 150 individual “encounter experiences”. Every unique synopsis is accompanied by an artistic rendering from the contributor. Every turn of the page brings you a new experience. Available exclusively at for $34.95 plus shipping.

Pages 238/239 of Kims’s book showcase Miriam Delicado’s experiences of hearing the Extraterrestrial language being spoken by a human being. (This book is highly recommended by Miriam)

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