Easy alternative to buying seeds

By godaddy on June 12, 2008 at 1:45 pm under Sustainable Living Tips
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Here’s a viable idea: If you can’t afford to buy a lot of seeds, you can buy a bag(s) of beans, or amaranth, or potatoes, or even tomatoes from your grocery store. It’s a lot cheaper than seeds and they can be planted right into the ground with little preparation. Beans are easy to grow. Amaranth is rather fool-proof as it is acclimated to rougher conditions, such as the desert, and has a high amount of genetic diversity. You can harvest the seeds for grain or flour, you can eat the leaves as greens. You can even use hybrid tomato seeds if can’t get an organic or heirloom variety. Eat the tomato, save and dry the seeds, and then plant them. You may not grow the tomato type that you want, but it will grow. Potatoes pretty much grow anywhere. Cut them into pieces once they sprout eyes, let dry, and plant.

Miriam’s reply: great idea. I know my friend bought bags of HORSE feed like what and oats……. well they grow and she planted some this year. The bags are about 50 pounds for as little as $15.00. That is big bang for the buck.    Love Miriam

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