Dreams, when I was little…

By godaddy on March 1, 2011 at 12:45 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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Dear Miriam,

When I was very young I used to have the same dream about driving in a car that no one was driving. I was always in the passenger seat and the car, sort of, drove itself. In the car I was going down the road outside of my home and it was always either very early morning or twilight and in the sky a disc-shaped UFO would be following alongside the car.

I would also sleep-walk a lot and often would be told I was found standing at the door and weeping that “everyone left me”, but I never could remember what I was dreaming of or who it was that left me.

And then, one more dream I had as a child: I was in my home and suddenly something terrible was happening. I ran outside with my family members and saw what I thought were meteorites crashing down from the sky and into the earth. I was standing, watching as these things, meteorites or perhaps even satellites were descending down and destroying our planet. Then, suddenly, I was being pulled upwards and my feet were over me and I saw the stars at my feet. I was being pulled to the stars…

From what you’ve shared and your experiences, I was curious as to what you might think about these dreams I have had. I am not sure if it is a very good question to ask you, as you are so very busy, but I did not see the harm in sharing these three things and asking for your words…

Thank you, peace and light,


Miriam’s reply:

Fei, thank you for taking the time to ask this question.
What I can tell you is that many people that contact me have similar dreams, visions, or nightmares. How you view them can sometimes be more powerful than others. The repetitive dreams are often warnings of things that are to come. This most certainly is a dream that MANY people have had with the meteors coming to earth.

What I can share with you is that it would be good for you to watch the video I just posted today on Heart Sharing on 2012. WE can change this if enough of us join together. Know that NOTHING is certain… so pray and hold the positive energy and see them moving away from the earth. Hold this in your vision and your heart….

Love Miriam

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