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By godaddy on December 23, 2009 at 7:38 pm under Your Alien Contacts
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Hi Miriam,

I enjoyed listening to you on coast to coast tonight. I have been researching this great time beginning for 20 years now. I have had several encounter with divine light being from a higher dimensions of reality. At the age of 13 I had an encounter with the holy spirit. This is where i first was told to look for the hole in the sky. This amazing encounter lead me to understand that this reality is much different then perceived by most. I do believe that these so called aliens are about to unviel them selfs to us, but they are merely wolves in sheeps clothing. Your theories mostly correct but I see you are missing so many pieces of the big picture. And i see you trust these beings which I believe are the nephilim, children of the fallen angels that took the daughters of men as wife’s. These aliens are demons living among us about to fake their appearance. as this blue star you speak of is their planet niburu on its return orbit into our solar system. Cern or the atlas project has began running this year use there hadron collider is about to create a ┬áblack hole or star-gate into a higher dimension. There is so much more to this than im telling you but you need to continue putting the pieces of the puzzle together as i did. I also have the ability to astrally project into these higher dimensions of reality and realized that some of us are about to return to our true reality. you need to understand that these body are no more than suits for us to experience this lower vibrational reality.

Miriam’s reply: As you have stated I feel the same with you….. that you are missing some peices. The beauty is that we have a discussion and by doing so we learn the truth. They are not ALL bad…… THAT is the point. We must be careful of who we put our trust in. YOUR SELF is the only one to listen to in the end. YOUR SELF will give you what is right for you.
Love Miriam

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