Donation organizations for Storm Sandy relief.

By Miriam on October 31, 2012 at 11:05 am under Miriam's Blog
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How to Check Out Charitable Organizations

If you have the means and ability to give some support to the millions of people in the Caribbean and United States that are now in need please make a contribution.

Please note that making a donation you need to be careful of on line scams at times like this so donate to organizations you are familiar with, you agree with the work they are doing and have seen results in the past from them.

Please note that I have made some inquiries to ask which organizations others have given to and here is a list of a few. Please, do your own research on each of them to be comfortable with your decision.

American Humain Association

International Rescue Committee

Feeding America


Haitian Relief Organization. J/p HRO

Please remember this is not only about New York… this is about the Caribbean as well.

Give from your heart and make a donation to your favorite charity with love in your hearts. SEE the difference you are making with your donation. Its not only giving its the intention of that energy that goes with it.

Send your prayers and meditation energies to the people for strength and the earth for gratitude that it was not worse than what it was.

With gratitude,

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