Celestial 2012 Question

By godaddy on May 29, 2009 at 3:12 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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I am going to post this question around on a few relevant sites in search of a definitive answer.

Perhaps you can shed some light on this issue of “Planet X” “Niburu” or “Brown Dwarf Star” companion to our Sun completing an ages long cycle to return to interact with our Earth’s ecological stability in the very near term.

If this is so, and strong indicators from historical and geological records indicate cyclic/periodic and predictable Earth Changes due to sudden events and whatever it is that triggers them…. the question remains why can we see this object coming? And even if such information is being suppressed for NSA reasons amateur astronomers and certainly leaks from International sources would be providing some credible data.

Do you know where I can get a clarification on this question?


Christopher Pearson


Miriam’s reply: There is so much information on the Internet regarding this.

It is my understanding from the Tall Blonds that “something” is traveling towards earth now. It has been for a long time. I am sure the reason we can not see it right now is because it is hidden behind the planets or it is still too far away.

There are many people who claim that this “object” has come past us in the past and it is on its way again.

I would like everyone to understand that from all that was shared with me…… from the Tall Blonds….. this object may very well NOT hit us. If it is getting closer and it does look like it may strike this planet that we could all use our mind energy to MOVE the object so that this does not happen.

PLEASE>>>>> everyone share here for this poster so that maybe there will be more clear info for them as well as others.

My view is that what we need to focus on is the heart, the spirit and the path we are on in daily life. No matter what is coming our way if we can remain clear in who we are…then anything that happens will be dealt with in the right way for our spirits.


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