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2009 I attended the UFO Congress Conference. This was the second time I spoke in public about my experience of meeting the Tall Blonde blue eyed extraterrestrials. They released this on Youtube making it possible to share with you here for the first time.

This may be from 2009 but it is a powerful video and I would personally highly recommend it to anyone to watch to understand more about my experiences and some of the knowledge the ET’s shared with me.

Miriam Delicado, while driving with friends along a British Columbia highway in 1988, experienced an alien abduction and subsequent communication with aliens known as the Tall Blonds. While on board their craft, the Tall Blond aliens relayed to Miriam messages for her to share with others, messages, which she realized later, were remarkably similar to the Hopi Prophecies of peace and salvation.

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It is with great honor to attend this Conference in Brazil with many of the worlds top contactees such as Debbie Jordan of Intruders and Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky.

There will be guests from all over the world and I highly recommend that if you are able to attend then please book now before the tickets sell out.

Please take a moment to look at the website with all the guest speakers and register soon!

I am very much looking forward to attending this event, meet the people of Brazil and touch the earth of the land.

Watch video here.

Look at the Poster of Speakers here.

Register and learn more at the website here.

JOIN us on the Facebook page here.

With gratitude to the organizers of the event for this invitation and all the work to bring this important message and information to the world.

Miriam Delicado

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UFOs and Alien Contacts are important for the future of humanity. As the number of contacts and sightings around the world increase, so does the awakening of our inner questioning of what is really happening in our world. This reality not only questions the UFOs and Alien contact, it also questions the structures of our political, social, economic, environmental and spiritual worlds as well.

Often the first questions regarding a direct Alien Contact revolves around superficial information, such as: what did the craft and aliens look like? The deeper and more important questions are: Did they have a message for Humanity? Why do they want to interact with us? Were they helpful or harmful during the interaction? Why do the care about Humanity and the Earth?

I had an encounter in 1988 on a highway in British Colombia, Canada that changed me in every way imaginable. My understanding of the Universe and life itself was so clear that physicists of today are only beginning to learn some of what was shared with me during my physical encounter with Tall Blonde haired Blue eyed Extraterrestrials.

During the three hours that I was on board this UFO my friends were left in a car on the side of the road in the cold. These beings told me that they wanted me to remember all the information that they shared with me that night. From the moment I left that craft my memories of what happened began to come back to my conscious mind and it has taken me 25 years now to process and understand some of what they shared with me. More of this information continues to come back to me as it appears to be needed for my journey in this life.

One of the most fascinating aspects of my contact is the information that was shared with me from these Tall Blonde beings was that they were part of our history, our beginning and also interlinked with Humanity in ways that even I can barely comprehend at times.

What is clear is that these beings shared with me facts of history and of humanity that have continued to be shown to me as being supportive and helpful to us as a whole. They want us to protect the life we have here by caring for our environment, humanity and to awaken to our true potential as human beings . They insist that they want us to WAKE UP and remember who we are spiritually and reawaken the gifts we have access to such things as telepathy and healing to name only a few.

As a person who came face to face in the physical form with what we perceive as “Aliens” I can say that they are changing our world. The more people open up to me personally the more I hear the stories of how everyday people are having these interactions through sightings and direct or astral contacts. These people then are awakened and begin to support and protect humanity and all the life on this planet.

We are at a critical point on the planet and what we choose to do in our daily lives will determine if our world will continue to thrive into the future.

I prefer to call these beings the Great Ancestors to honor them for their true place in our Human history.
My contacts with them continue to this day through sightings and telepathic communication in my waking state as well as my dreams and meditations. They also have a deep connection with the Indigenous people of Earth and this is also one of the main messages they are sharing with me at this time; protect the Indigenous, they are the original caretakers of this earth.

From the Great Ancestors their main message is…… the future of all life is in our hands it is time to come together in our hearts and work together to protect the life on Earth.

Miriam Delicado
Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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As I reflect on the past 25 years of my life I see a world that has changed. Never could I have imagined what my life would be like today and how my interactions with extraterrestrials could shape every aspect of my life. Being dedicated to bringing about a deeper understanding of these beings, advocating for responsible living and interacting with the elements of our planet such as water with honor and respect.

Humanity has changed, we have changed our perceptions, our beliefs, the way in which we interact with one another, all of which 100 years ago would have seemed like magic. So where are we heading? What kind of future are we creating and building with our thoughts, our actions and our associations?

The Great Ancestors as I call them, who go by many names such as star beings, extraterrestrials, aliens and many more… They’ve begun to shape the planet to awaken the souls of humanity to remember.

As a person who has met some of these beings face to face what I know to be the truth is that nothing that we experience, believe, perceive or project is what it appears to be on the surrface.

This profound and intriguing journey of interacting with these beings has taught me strength of my own personal spirit, through faith and belief in the greater good of all life and how to be in the moment trusting that all things are meant to be.

2013 was an extremely challenging year for many people all over the planet and it was a new beginning for many of us as we let go of old patterns and began to replace them with new ways of living our lives. As the new year begins many of us are feeling a sense of calm that has not been present for a very long time the sense of urgency that we once felt appears to be disolving.

What makes this interesting is that the Great Ancestors informed me that as a global society we would be releasing a great deal of these set patterns in 2013. So once again, the beings are sharing information with me saying that 2014 is a year of great transitional change.

This is the year to focus our thoughts into manifesting the visionary dreams of a future planet that until now was unimaginable. Just as it was 100 years ago… Our lives today were unimaginable. This is a reminder for us to not hold on to preconceived ideas. Allow for our lives to manifest what the Creator is asking for us as a whole. Live in the moment and have trust. For example, things such as freedom, peace, love, spiritual knowledge etc. the purpose of life… Is the human experience.

We have been denying ourselves the human experience.

Many people who have had contact directly or indirectly with these otherworldly beings have been awakened to this deeper level of the human experience. The experience of seeing the future, healing people, advocating for life and being connected with the unseen world such as inter dimensional beings and ghosts for example.We are… The future… We are here together to support the collective growth, expansion and acceptance of having truthful lives free of restrictions.

Our work as a collective is done by focusing on the tasks that lay before us as individuals. For example, advocating for indigenous people’s rights, protecting waterways, stopping the fracking of our earth, protecting the right and freedom to plant natural seeds. These are only a few examples of the work that the awakened are collectively doing to allow for that future in which we are free to have the human experience in which the freedoms and knowledge is limitless.

Collectively we are making a difference. Collectively we have changed the world. Collectively we will continue to transform the global society. The message that I am receiving from my contacts, the Great Ancestors, is that we will be successful, but we must be patient and persistent in our collective work as well as continue the transformation of our personal lives.

This is the year the transformation will begin to manifest our collective future. Remember that life is always changing and this particular year there will be many events that will shape our future. Live in the moment because your thoughts today will manifest what we see and experience tomorrow. Until then we as a collective are creating what our future is. This is also why it is important to remember to not focus on the negative aspects of information that may be brought into the public. Knowing the possibility of great destruction or change can help us to prepare for that possible future. But once we decide that is our future then it becomes our reality and manifests. So prepare for all things and remember that your thoughts in our collective thoughts… Create… And manifest… Our future.

Together we find limitless freedom,


Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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It’s been a year since that infamous day December 21, 2012. The day that many took advantage of an ancient prophecy that many understand very little about. Selling books, created seminars, made movies, documentaries, blog articles and everything else imaginable and sold this to the public. Creating one of the most feared and the most sought after days in human history.

Never, in any of my writing or speaking engagements did I agree that we would have this transformative day on December 21, 2012. What did happen was a coming together of thought, intention, and hearts from around the world. Focused in prayer, in meditation, in contemplation of our future as human beings and as a planet. There are times when transition or change happens in one moment of time and this, was not one of those moments. Transition and the change of this planet as well as all that lay upon it is in a process of change but not through instant gratification or instant manifestation. What is sad is that in my view this day was hijacked by the darker side and we as a human family missed the true potential to create this change.

So we entered into the year 2013 with mixed emotions around the planet. What was going to happen next? It took no time for some people to begin selling a new idea…. maybe they got the date wrong. For these people who sell this idea is with the lack of understanding the deeper and more complex relationship between time, space and human existence. What we as human beings are in the process of recognizing is that we are only here in this one moment. BE PRESENT…. in the now.

It is extremely clear that the “energy” of our lives and this planet has changed. We are no longer the same in the way we think, the way we understand and the way we act and react to our environment and life around us. This is part of the transition that some people thought would take place in an instant on December 21, 2012. This transition will continue for several years and it is during this time that we seek higher understanding of who we are and what our purpose for life on this planet really is.

We, as a species, are coming to the crossroad where there will be no ability for us to turn back. We have moved the time of transition into the time of consequence. In 2014 we as a planet, a global community, will see the manifestations of those choices we have made in the past. Time with the existence may be endless but here on planet Earth we have the ability to end life as we know it. Slowly one by one we abuse the plant life and the animals of this earth. Causing many species of animal and plants to no longer exist. It is this manifestation that we as a global society are seeing the waves of consequences to our past choices.

Many people ask me if we have time to change in potential constructive future for life. My answer in this moment is yes. We have very little time to commit ourselves to the work that must be done as a collective to protect the sacred life on this planet. In fact this is not my opinion but the opinion of the beings that I am in contact with. Over the last two years they have warned that in 2014 we would begin to see the manifestation of our past choices in very powerful ways and it would affect the planet and everything that is on her.

By spring of next year, 2014, the star beings or Great Ancestors as I call them have warned us that if commitments have not been made by enough people around the world to shift this destructive paradigm of thinking we have created we may not be unable to exist in the future. This does not mean we need to have everything fixed…. we must commit to the WORK of fixing it.

There have been huge shifts on this planet regarding our own spiritual development as individuals in what we believe exists not only here on earth but also in regard to God or the Creator. This is evident by turning on your television and looking at all of the programming surrounding alternative communities such as the paranormal, UFOs, conspiracy theories and so many others. In respect to our beliefs many spiritual teachers from these alternative communities have stepped into the mainstream media in all forms. As a planet what this demonstrates is that we are in a transition not only a physical transition, but also the emotional and spiritual transition as well.

As the spiritual understanding of who we are awakens within each individual the responsibility we each carry to protect life at this planet also awakens. This is why within each of us we are feeling a sense of urgency to act and participate in “something” that often unsure what that is. It’s very important to acknowledge those emotions and thoughts as we transform the way we live on this planet and interact with each other and the life that exists here. As we come to a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness of the life that surrounds us we also recognize that we as human beings we must be responsible for future generations of human beings, animals, plant life as well as natural elements such as water.

This is what the Great Ancestors have been saying to me and many others in messages to people around the world. Looking into any indigenous, spiritual group or individuals that have awakened, what we know as a collective is that we are on the edge of the cliff. Unless we build that bridge together we will be unable to continue walking forward.

In 2014 what we will see is massive change and shifts in conscious understanding of how precious and delicate life on this planet truly is. The effects of Fukushima in Japan will start to manifest and the truth will no longer be hidden from the public. The devastating effects of nuclear power plants will be understood by humanity in the coming years. We do have the ability as a collective to change and repair some of this damage from Fukushima and all other destructive pollutants on this planet. Through focused prayer and meditation we have the ability to affect the life that exist around us. This is a proven fact through science.

Through nature, and where we as a planet are currently positioned within the known universe will have the effects of more earthquakes, volcanoes, rain storms, tsunamis, solar flares and all other natural occurrences that we as human beings see as being destructive. In nature, this is simply part of the cycle.

This information is being shared with you to assist your understanding that as a human species, we, have the ability through our thoughts to support, or, harm the life of this planet.

This a very strong message that has been shared with me by the Great Ancestors. In 2014 there will be a very powerful spiritual leader or maybe religious leader that will bring about a very shocking form of disclosure. This will either come directly from this person or it will come as a result of this person meaning it will be about them.

I don’t believe in making predictions. But when I receive very strong messages from these beings such as the message regarding this spiritual/ religious leader I am moved to share it with you.

The main message for 2014 is that each and every individual follow their heart and their passion to be in service to all forms of life on this planet. To protect the waters, the land, the earth, the air, plants, animals, humans and every living thing.

In approximately February, March, 2013 the Great Ancestors came and told me that there were many paths that had been laid by those working in service that were simply not producing the results that were needed to ensure a stable future. For this reason I was informed that all alliances, friendships, working relationships, relationships, etc.… That were not working for the highest good would be shifted, cleared, and changed. This was a reset, a restart, a new beginning for all those who were here with an inner guided higher purpose in their lives.

Speaking with my friends and coworkers today, it is exceptionally clear that the year 2013 was about literally letting go of what was no longer serving us to enlighten us further and allow us to be in service in a productive and peaceful way. For many, it has been a year of torment and change.I have heard many people say that this year was one of the worst years of their lives. In my personal life I can also say that this year has been filled with many many deep challenges and I for one am looking forward to the year 2014.

So as we move into the new year we can expect that many great changes will continue to take place in our personal lives. The work of being in service to others and all those who have made this commitment the struggles that we have had in the past will begin to subside. The results of our work will begin to be seen and we will as a collective have a greater effect on the planet as a whole. Many new and startling disclosures will take place this year. The financial system around the world will also be changing how this will take place I do not have the details of, what I do know that my guides are telling me is not to have fear over any of the changes that we will be experiencing over the next few years.

The time of consequence is upon us now and for all those people who are focused on doing what they can when they can to support a balanced world; the consequence of our collective work will also be seen and felt now.

By May 2014 is when world events will begin to unfold that will begin to shape our future.

The message from the Great Ancestors (Star Beings) for everyone today is to remain focused on your own personal inner development spiritually. The keys to unlocking truth is found within each and every one of you. Remember to follow your inner guidance, be in service to others, support your friends family and community in any way possible, commit to working on whatever project, program, nonprofit, group, organization, or idea… That serves the greater collective for a beautiful, sustainable, and balanced in nature future. May our future generations thrive.

Miriam Delicado
Message for going into 2014
Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

The year of 2013 was about letting go of everything that is not serving us as individuals as well as collectively.For many it was the worst year of their lives many of us “RESET” our life path. In fact the star beings said this back in Feb/March of this year and it has proven to be a very accurate statement. For 2014 …. they have said it would be about new beginnings and clear paths, struggles will subside IF YOU DID YOUR WORK IN 2013 TO CLEAR. They also said that we now must commit to the path of being in service and work to build the networks of unity and grow our collective efforts in order to set the correct path for the future as a planet. May 2014 reveal our collective work and spark more truth, clarity, peace and enlightenment as we continue to grow

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Hopi are in Ceremony at this moment. This is the Soyal Ceremony or Winter Ceremony as many may refer to it in our world. Join with them in strength and heart to bring a good year to the earth and all life. They will be Praying every day for us…. for life… until the 25th,Christmas day. On Dec 21 which is the Solstice they will be at the peak of their Ceremony. This Ceremonial time is also when they share the prophecies, of which there are hundreds. This shows us where we are on the path and how to plan for the future.These are not shared for our protection so we may remain with good hearts and minds. As we join with them in this time we strengthen this world and the very fabric of life itself. Pray for the waters of the world, pray for Fukushima, pray for peace, pray for all good things to come. Pray for what we want to see in this world… and it will strengthen life. Miriam Delicado

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Public Speaking by Miriam Delicado: It is time for me to come out of my quiet time and begin speaking to the public again. Right now I am looking for people who have experience in organizing events who would be interested in working with me to organize speaking engagements in their area, in Canada and/or around the world. Organize one event or many of them would be up to you.

For the past 8 months I have received guidance that it is time for me to begin to speak more openly about my contacts and how they relate to humanity. Since I have “gone public” in 2007 I have only spoken at four events. Many people are surprised by this but my guidance was still telling me to remain reserved in my interactions with the public and to wait for the right time to open up further about my experiences and information the Star Beings have been sharing.

For the past few years all the work being done that is not directly in the public as well as what is in the public has all been accomplished through donations. One donor in particular DH has been the backbone of my work allowing me to be in total service. It has not been easy but it also has taught me to have great humility and gratitude for each and every person who has supported the process. Still even today, every dollar that is donated can bring me to a tear of gratitude recognizing how we are all supporting the much larger work we are doing as a group of dedicated souls to protect humanity and life itself.

In creating these speaking engagements my goal is to share more of the knowledge of the Star Beings as well as take in some funding that is desperately needed for the work to continue. Also, at every event that is held a certain number of seats will be given away for FREE to those who want to attend but simply can not afford to. This way everyone has the opportunity to attend. Also, as with all other donations that have come in over the years, a portion of those funds will be given to other people in the community that need support as well at any given moment. The organizer will take a portion of the ticket sales after all the expenses are paid for so they are taken care of as well.

In Canada I am specifically looking for an experienced organizer to create an event in Vancouver, BC and possibly set up dates in other Canadian cites and towns for next year. If you are interested setting up a talk in one city or in all of them would be up to you.

USA is NOT an option sadly since I can not legally have a speaking engagement there where tickets can be sold. If someone wanted to pay for all my expenses and have an event where no money is exchanged then I could attend and speak in the United States.

Other areas in the world would also be most welcome to create events but I must ask that the organizer have experience with creating similar events in that area. Currently hopeful that enough funding will come in for travel to Australia and maybe we could set up some speaking engagements there as well once dates have been set. This journey will be taking me through London and so that is also another City where someone may want to help organize and speaking event.

Looking for dedicated people with experience in this area of Event Planning who would be interested in working with me directly to create these events. Also, once we know locations and dates we would then possibly ask for volunteers who would like to share support in this way.

If you are interested in working with me please email me at subject line: EVENT PLANNER and please share in the email what your expereince has been and what kind of support you feel you can offer at this time.

With much gratitude to each of you who took the time to read this post and all those that support the work,

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

The Great Gathering news

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This is a special announcement to share exciting news with all of you regarding The Great Gathering of Humanity. The application with the IRS was accepted on September 24-2013. They are now a 501c3 nonprofit public charity.

If you would like to sign up for an email notification when the website has been completed, visit the website directly.

With honor to be of service,

Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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July 5 2014: After 5 months of travel I am back in Canada and currently catching up on the backlog of emails and online work.Thank you to each and every person who has been here to support this ongoing work being facilitated through this website. Would not be possible without you. With gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE